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Munich International Community Church


MICC exists to glorify God through Jesus Christ as we help to meet the spiritual needs of English speakers in the international community.

We are from various denominational backgrounds and represent many nationalities finding our unity in the historic Christian faith centered in the Bible.

We meet each Sunday at 3:30 pm at Mozartstrasse 12, Munich.

News and Announcements

MICC Calendar of Events for 2015

Here's a PDF bookmark with all major events for this year.

Save these dates on your calendar and plan to be involved.

Dates for Men's Retreat, Women's Retreat, and All-Church Retreat included.

MICC Events in 2015

Bible Reading Plans for 2015

Here are several plans for us to choose from. Encourage one another. Maintain new habits. Develop consistency. Watch for growth in grace in yourself and others!

Two Year Bible Reading
Ten Chapters Per Day: Bookmarks
Ten Chapters Per Day
Discipleship Journal: Bible Reading
Change Your Mind: Checklist
100 Essential Bible Readings
The Bible Eater
Change Your Mind: Read Twenty Times
Hamilton: Biblical Theology and Bible Reading

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