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Munich International Community Church

Small Groups

About Small Groups

Small Groups in MICC

Small Groups are an essential part of Munich International Community Church. Both the Scriptures and experience teach us that the most significant life change happens within the context of a small community of people who use their gifts and life experiences to encourage, challenge, and serve one another. Meetings are usually held in homes and focus on developing relationships with one another through personal sharing, Bible study, prayer, and conversation most relevant to our lives. Each Small Group has a leader who coordinates it and who is accountable to the elders.

List of Small Groups

MONDAY: Men's Serious Very Early and Dangerous Bible Study

Location: FEG Mozartstr. 12: Ground Floor
Time: 06:00
Contact: Steve Henderson
About Us: We’re a group of men who choose to rise early and learn together how to do careful personal study of the Bible. Currently studying Hebrews.
Activity: Give Steve a call (0179 696 4295) to see how you can join in this quest to live in the knowledge of God through His Word.
Childcare: No

TUESDAY: Munich Centre Small Group

Location: Central Munich
Time: 19:00
Contact: David Keep
About Us: We’re a diverse group of people actively involved in each others’ lives, whilst still being more than happy to welcome new faces to the group. We often gather at 19:00 for a time of fellowship and begin our study of God's Word at 19:30. We meet at various homes in central Munich, so please ask David Keep about the location of our next meeting.
Childcare: No

TUESDAY: Women's Bible Study

Location: FEG Building, Mozartstr. 12
Time: 09:30
Contact: Shari Dickerson
About Us: We are a group of women including students, singles, wives, moms and grandmas from over 10 countries who meet together to study the Bible and support one another in prayer. Each week we read and discuss one or more chapters together in detail. We then break into small groups to pray.
Activity: Esther and Ruth.
Childcare: Yes

TUESDAY: Munich Centre Small Group 2

Location: Wiener Platz
Time: 19:30
Contact: Erik Johnson
About Us: Please feel more than welcome to join us at any time.
Activity: Currently going through the book of Judges.
Childcare: No

TUESDAY: Isar Centre Small Group

Location: Rosenheimerplatz
Time: 19:30
Contact: Ron Hongsermeier
About Us: A new small group consisting of professionals of various ages and diverse backgrounds. We enjoy sharing in each other's lives: encouraging and supporting one another around the study of God's Word.
Activity: Currently studying the Gospel of Matthew using a Scripture Union Guide.
Childcare: No

TUESDAY: Munich Wide Small Group

Location: Forstenrieder Allee
Time: 19:30
Contact: Spencer Schafer
About Us: We're a group which grew up out of the South Small Group. We enjoy being together and sharing our lives in the service of Christ and the study of his Word.
Childcare: No

WEDNESDAY: Goetheplatz Small Group

Location: Meets at Church
Time: 18:30
Contact: Alois Wagner
About Us: We pray, sing(!), share, encourage, learn from God' Word and enjoy some nice snacks.
Activity: Currently studying the Gospel of John.
Childcare: No

THURSDAY: Unterschleissheim SG

Location: Unterschleissheim
Time: 18:30
Contact: Don and Shari Dickerson
About Us: We are a mixed group who enjoy getting together to study God's Word. Married, single, with or without kids - all are welcome. Enjoy a time of fellowship and snacks after study. Kids are welcome.
Activity: We meet every other week
Childcare: Yes


About Us:
Childcare: No

FRIDAY: Starnberg/Gauting Small Group

Location: Starnberg and Gauting
Time: 19:30
Contact: David and Barbara Stobbe
About Us: We are a small group of different ages and backgrounds meeting at homes in the greater Starnberg/Gauting areas and we welcome new visitors. We meet three Fridays of each month at 19:30 Please contact us for the location of our next meeting. Sometimes we meet with kids and other times not. Please contact us for more information and to get a copy of our calendar.
Activity: We enjoy warm fellowship, we pray for one another, and have a bit of praise and light study together. Currently going the book "Experiencing God"
Childcare: Yes

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