Financial Support

The ministry of MICC is conducted by many volunteers and generous givers. Donations to the church can be arranged in various ways:

Munich International Community Church e.V.

Bank: Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg
IBAN: DE45 7025 0150 0010 0690 03

Donations to the church are tax-deductible for tax payers in Germany. Please provide your name and full address with the transaction if a tax receipt letter should be sent to you.

PayPal Debit / Credit Card

Litecoin LPQ2eYAJBRCWYANa3qrjmcndTCWQQo6Zcd

Bitcoin 1AhfUCyfCP53DeTrfh5MQBSUpDASivYCjW

Bitcoin Cash qq0er3c4flauhwlad2veadltx0qdq68ln5jw7943h2

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