Mission partnerships

Because we believe in the truth of the gospel message and we want to see God's fame extended to all the unreached peoples of the world, we choose to support several missionaries on a regular basis, including some who have been sent out from our own church into the world.

'Marynoi' Chanaddah Chaisakorn

Bangkok, Thailand

Marynoi is working with Partnership Ministries in Bangkok. She focuses primarily on the evangelism and discipleship of young Thai women and has been leading several different Bible study groups. She is seeking to build her team in Thailand.


Anatol Andriuta

Petrovca, Moldova

Anatol Andriuta serves as the pastor of Golgotha Baptist Church in Petrovca, Moldova. He and his wife Violeta are our main contacts in the village. They have three children; Sammy, Alina, and Emanuel, and live in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau. During the week Anatol is busy with different evangelistic programs, and on the weekend he pastors the church in the village where he grew up. Anatol also serves the Moldovan police force in the capital, he is bringing the gospel to orphans throughout the area, reaching out to the teachers at schools in the orphanages and the directors.


Terry and Jackie Ascott (SAT-7)

Nicosia, Cyprus

MICC has supported Terry and Jackie Ascott on the mission field for many years. Terry is CEO of SAT-7, broadcasting Christian programs in the Middle East since 1996. They produce biblically based programming in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish to North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. They have also launched a French website as part of SAT-7 Kids as many children in North Africa speak French as their mother tongue. Current measured viewership of their programming is over 25 million! www.sat7.org


Frank Liesen

Black Forest, Germany

A native of Gröbenzell, Frank was an active part of MCIC in the late 80s and early 90s before seminary training in Giessen and Dallas. Frank and Terrae have three children. After several years with Young Life in Germany, in July 2014 Frank assumed direction of Antiochia Teams, a church planting ministry in Germany and Austria, and his home is now in the Black Forest. www.antiochiateams.org


Grace House (JMI)


Every year, hundreds of 16 year old ophaned and abondoned girls graduate from state-run boarding schools spread out across the country of Moldova. They have grown up in these underfunded schools and they haven’t learned to make good choices, they don’t have positive models of family life, they are often defenseless, naïve and easy prey for human traffickers. Grace House exists to counteract these deficits with resources for these vulnerable young women. Grace House is a transitional living program to serve the needs of at-risk children. MICC has been sponsoring youngwomen there since 2013. Justice and Mercy International: www.justiceandmercy.org/about/programs/grace-house


Sebastian and Betty Kurz

Papua New Guinea

Sebastian, Betty and family (Nelson, Elia, Joel and now Elon—born in 2017) were a part of MICC for several years, and in 2013 they began with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Papua New Guinea. Sebastian is using his flight experience in serving missionaries and advancing the gospel.