Who we are

Our church family includes people from over 50 different nations of the world. Many of those who worship with us are here on a short-term basis, yet we also have many sojourners and Germans who are long term residents in Munich. We eagerly prize this exciting opportunity to serve such a diverse English-speaking community, and we rejoice to see so many—men and
women, boys and girls—growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

As a major global city, Munich offers a strategic opportunity to reach many peoples and nations around the world with the gospel through the English language. We have often found that while living abroad people are more open to the gospel and a deepening of spiritual commitment. We consider it a privilege to serve an international community of believers and especially newcomers who are interested in the Christian faith.

Almost every Sunday we welcome new visitors and seek to connect and invite them to our fellowship. We encourage believers to make a membership commitment and to use their God-given gifts and abilities within the church even when their stay is relatively short. In addition to our Sunday services, we also have several small groups which meet during the week for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Further activities throughout the year are picnics, ski trips, church retreats, outreaches in Munich and mission trips.