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Event registration (Church Retreat)

Yes! The Annual All Church Family Retreat is taking place next weekend (May 29 to June 1). And yes – it is legal! We are confident that this will be a safe weekend opportunity. Each one of us makes the decision whether or not to attend. There is no pressure, but there is freedom.

Please note: masks are NOT required to be worn all the time, though in certain situations/places Haus Chiemgau asks us to put them on. Please consider the following:

  • Do not come if you are ill.
  • Do not come if there is a significant risk that you have been exposed to any infectious disease.

Love one another. Love your neighbor as yourself. There are some who will be attending who will not be wearing masks, so bear that in mind when registering. Romans 14 offers us clear guidance on these matters: Wearing a mask can be an act of love. Violating another’s conscience or sitting in judgment of another (whether weak or strong) is not an act of love.

This will be a retreat unlike any we have ever had. Because of the current restrictions in the pandemic, we expected that the retreat would be cancelled. We will have special procedures for the retreat, but we want you to know that church leadership is earnest about the possible problems, and about hygiene and care.
This year especially will offer an opportunity to get away from at home confinement to relax, enjoy friends together, and receive encouragement from God’s word.

Our Topic: Nothing defined; we are eager to discover what God is doing during these days.

Our Speakers: We will have some short biblical lessons from some of our elders and others. There will be many chances for everyone to give encouragement and testimony of what God has been doing in your life since mid-March.

So, Come and Join the Fun!!

Before registering, please read the following information:

  • Costs
    • The cost per adult for the weekend (Fri – Mon) is 175€. No early bird discount (we’re all late). There is a family price cap of 500€ (children under 18).
      Adult (18+) 175€
      Child (11-17) 90€
      Child (3-10) 75€
      Child (0-2) 50€
    • Haus Chiemgau offers reduced rates (about 30€ per person) for the weekend for individuals, couples and families with income below a certain level. See the weblink below (in German) to calculate if you can qualify. If you qualify and want to receive this discount, a special form is required which we can send you in PDF.
    • We do provide scholarships. Please fill the fields in the form. If you request a scholarship, please indicate the amount you are able to pay for the retreat.
  • Roommate
    Married couples and families will automatically share a room! If you are currently sharing a household with a roommate (e.g., Kayla and Julia), then you will be able to share a room. All single registrations will be placed in single rooms, and there is no extra charge. This MAY change by the time we arrive on May 29, so please, if you have a possible roommate request, enter it below.
  • Volunteering
    This weekend of ministry, music and worship, small group interaction, games, activities, and fellowship doesn’t just happen by itself. Each adult is expected to serve in some capacity. Thanks in advance for being a blessing to others.
  • Mealtimes
    will be in two shifts at each meal: we have a limit of 50 people in the dining area.
     For each meal category, please indicate a preference for you and your family.
  • Transportation
    Please fill in as much information as you presently know. Please indicate the time of your planned departure, and the area of Munich you’ll be leaving from, or if you’re coming by train. For people needing help with train travel, we will arrange for you to share a Bayern ticket with others for the train ride down. Also, once you have registered, please do not change your travel plans or arrange to go with someone without notifying the organizers! 

  • Note to parents
    We expect to have over 25 children attending the retreat, and we want to provide adequate resources for their care during sessions. We’re still working out exactly HOW we will care for the children with special restrictions. Certainly, we expect that parents will be taking a higher level of responsibility for their own children this weekend than usually at our retreats. And we expect that parents will be eager to know what is going on with their children.
    We may have some paid helpers to be assisting in each of the three age groups. Along with these full-time servants may be volunteers from MICC. We’re expecting about 25 kids, and we need lots of help. Jessika Solomon is organizing this, and depending on weather, we may be asking both moms and dads each to serve one session each. That would be a big help. Please contact Jessika if you have questions.
  • Disclaimer
    It is possible that some photos taken at the retreat may be used on the church website or in church promotional materials. By registering you grant permission for photos to be used. If you have concerns about a photo of you being used, please contact the church office.

Now you can start registering here: you’ll need to enter your email address (scroll all the way down and use the address on which you receive MICC emails) and we’ll send you an email to continue.