Sunday school and nursery

In MICC, we want to make our Sunday school a very special place where Christ is glorified, parents are equipped, and children are trained in righteousness. In the first part of the church service the children are staying with their parents in the congregation for worship. After that they join different classes based on their age group. We desire to have both men and women teachers in every group for proper role modeling as we seek to reach the whole child (intellect, emotions and will) through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and play. Parents with babies can follow the church service in the nursery room behind the auditorium.

In the international community, it is important for parents to know that their children are being cared for, so we seek to provide a warm, accepting, safe environment where children can relax and be loved, enabling them to drink in the truth of God’s Word, grow, and see their lives changed by it. Your children matter to God, and they matter to us.